Observe copyrights

Jason 04:27 PM 17-Jul-17

Observe copyrights

While internet may at times look like an “open city” in reality this is far from reality Here are a couple of the most important pitfalls and copyright risks web designers must be aware of and watch out for

  • The images – most of the beautiful images you can see on the internet are copyrighted or have been at one point. This way, even if you change their character there is the danger of a possible lawsuit for using something that’s not yours

Solution: there are tons of websites with images you can use either for free or for money Always check for conditions though and if you know the author, don’t ever miss out on mentioning them

  • There are tons of webpage themes out there and web designers are all too keen to build on these. The problem only starts when it comes out that these are used illegally.

Solution: only use segments of templates if you need to and make sure you can legally use that fragment as well.

Observe copyrights

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