20 DIY Cool Easy Hairstyles
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11. DIY STYLISH BRAIDS astucesdefilles What do we do to a long hair? We braid it! This stylish braid tutorial will give your hair an edgy but carefree look! For this braid’s tutorial and more, click the link above. 12. DIY MESSY...

how to cook healthy food. 20 ideas!
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11. A Creamy AVOCADO TOAST Avocado toast is basically the easiest thing in the world to make, and good for you thanks to avocado's plentiful Omega-3's. But it tastes so luxurious, you'll feel like you're cheating at life when you eat...

20 DIY Clothes Life Hacks
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11. Who doesn't love a colorful bowtie? Make one with a glue gun following these easy instructions. 12. Fashion a cute dress from an oversized skirt? Yes please! Find out how to do it here. 13. These adorable bows can be added...

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