The Essentials of Culinary Design

11:45 AM 21-Dec-19 Glossary

The Essentials of Culinary Design

Whenever you are fine dining at a fancy restaurant or just cooking at home, a specific art is being applied on to your dish to make it more appealing to the eyes. This is referred to as culinary design.

What is culinary design?

Culinary design, or otherwise known as culinary arts, is the art of preparing, cooking, and presenting the food. It fosters the reinvention of familiar dishes to make them more appealing.

Where is it applicable?

The culinary design is typical in establishments such as restaurants and hotels where fine dining are being observed. Moreover, culinary design could be applied in schools where the art is being taught extensively.

How is it relevant?

Culinary design can move people on an emotional level. By employing art in the dish, we do not only get to enjoy the presentation, but we could also feel the passion and talent that the chef applied for the food that you are about to eat.