What are intellectual rights?

12:58 PM 20-Dec-19 Glossary

What are intellectual rights?

Law has always prohibited us to copy or extract any forms of art from any source, may they be blogs, portfolios, or printed, for our own ends because other people own them. The owners are afforded with what we call as intellectual rights.

Intellectual rights, also known as intellectual property rights, include the exclusive rights that persons or companies that provide them with a legal protection to their intellectual capital. It is further described as the nature of the security that is afforded by most nations to the owner of the intellectual property.

These rights include patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. By asserting intellectual rights, stealing an idea or taking credit for an already published work of art would be illegal. When violated, intellectual rights can be enforced through a lawsuit in court.

It is then worth noting that you file for intellectual property rights if you come up with a new art piece so that no one can take credit for your own idea.