Use Mind Mapping to generate ideas

Jason 07:15 PM 17-Jul-19

Use Mind Mapping to generate ideas

If you haven’t heard of the method of mind mapping then it’s high time for you to learn about it. It’s a very trendy method to draw your ideas on a paper and it’s often used for drawing plans, approaches and to try to visualize structured information in form of a drawing mixed writing sort of way.

As with everything, you will see once you try it that mind mapping is way easier than you would think so. Today, it’s the method that’s used during brainstorming, meetings when it comes to adopting new ways for anything.

Mind mapping is basically visual thinking. Let’s try to give you a simple example on how it works:

What we know about apple, its features, benefits and use

  • Draw an apple in the middle of a paper or whiteboard
  • Draw arrows leading outside of the apple in every direction. To each arrow enter a feature you know about apple: fruit, vitamins, healthy lifestyle etc.
  • You can then draw a larger arrow which will be another hub called “eating” and then two arrows would lead out from this one saying eating raw, eating cooked. Collect food which are made with apple.

This is just a simple example which can be elaborated by you in any ways possible. Try to check out Google to learn how mind maps look like.

Use Mind Mapping to generate ideas